Vipul Bhatti


Once upon a time in the deep south of London a boy was born. He grew up looking at everything and asking himself questions and imagining what he wanted his world to be.

He liked to dream.

He became a writer and reported on business and finance, and whilst he covered the world it wasn't what he wanted.

He wanted to dream and write for himself. But something happened - he began to dance.

Dance took away his words, dance took him far far away ... to that place everyone wonders about when they look-up at the night sky.

He even went to a school just for dancers.

When he graduated he left with heavy-heart.

Something changed, he remembered he'd stopped dreaming and he saw the world for what it was.

Since then he has been finding a way to move people with words and ... for him too, dream again and imagine what the world can be if it had a heart.