Sanjeevini Dutta

Sanjeevini Dutta is the Director of Kadam and the Editor of Pulse magazine since June 2008. Sanjeevini has led Kadam a dance agency based in Bedfordshire for the last twenty years. Over this period the agency has evolved and re-invented itself. It is now best known as the publisher of Pulse and for it’s annual Summer School Unlocking Creativity.

Sanjeevini holds a Masters in Psychology and Social Work from Bombay University. She trained in Odissi dance with Shankar Behera and after coming to the UK and following a brief period in social work, she turned her attention to the arts.

She worked as a freelance dance artist delivering workshops to schools and community groups in London and throughout UK.  Her involvement with dance in education inspired her to produce a video with fellow artist and friend Bisakha Sarker, introducing South Asian dance to schools. Dance, Dance Wherever You Maybe, (1989) is still used in UK schools. This was followed by Living Tradition, (2001) a CD Rom tracing the development of South Asian dance in the UK. As Sanchari, Sanjeevini jointly choreographed and danced in two productions, Rhythms of Life and Tending the Fire.
Sanjeevini created a group of classical dancers through her weekly community class in Bedford and some of her former students have gone on to make professional careers in dance.