Donald Hutera

Donald Hutera writes about dance, theatre and live performance for The Times, Dance Europe, Animated, The Dance Consortium, Dance Umbrella and many other publications and websites. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Dance Magazine, Dance Theatre Journal, Time Out and The List.

He co-authored (with Allen Robertson) The Dance Handbook in 1988 and has since contributed to the Chambers Biographical Dictionary, The Larousse Encyclopaedia (Latin American edition), Fifty Contemporary Choreographers and the International Dictionary of Modern Dance. Additionally he has lectured or reported on dance, dance criticism, circus arts and other cultural issues at festivals and forums in such countries as Brazil, China, France, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Malta, Poland and Spain. A work-in-progress version of Finger Dances, his most recent choreographic research project, was shown at The Place as part of the season Touch Wood in autumn 2009.