Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt is a full-time, freelance music critic, author and broadcaster specialising in, amongst other musical subjects, the folk, tribal, popular and art music of the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. He has interviewed scores of the subcontinent's foremost musicians and is the main author of the eight chapters on Bangladesh and India in the second 'Europe, Asia & Pacific' volume of The Rough Guide to World Music (2009). He put together one of Europe's largest and most celebrated folk dance and world music festivals, the Tanz&FolkFest Rudolstadt's Indo-Pakistani music programme to celebrate fifty years of self-rule in 1997.

He maintains an advisory role in programming Indo-Pakistani acts for festivals and concerts in Europe and North America. He brought together Asha Bhosle and the Kronos Quartet and acted as consultant for their Grammy-nominated project of compositions by R.D. Burman, You've Stolen My Heart (2005). Pandit Ravi Shankar called Hunt's appreciation of the subcontinent's musical strands "unique" in his experience. For more information visit the bilingual website he co-hosts with Petr Doruzka at