Something Then, Something Now – Seeta Patel

Seeta Patel

Something Then, Something Now

Lilian Baylis Studio, London

September 26, 2014

Reviewed by Donald Hutera

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Best Then, Better Now: The Legendary Prabha Atre

Best Then, Better Now: The Legendary Prabha Atre

21 September 2014

Darbar Festival

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Reviewed by Ken Hunt

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Prabha Atre
London Beckons Indian Ragas – Darbar 2014 opening concert

London Beckons Indian Ragas

Purcell Room

Thursday 18 September 2014

Bharat Bushan Goswami: sarangi | Prabhu Edouard: tabla

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Debahsish Bhattacharya
The Bridge / True Brits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Bridge

Just Festival (Venue 127) | 20.30

Until 25 August 2014 

'He lives whose name is spoken.'

This multimedia piece is writer and performer Annie George's deeply personal journey in...Read More

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Albemarle Gallery, London

1 – 23 August 2014

Reviewed by Emma Murphy

Indian Summer consists of hazy, smoky, sunshine and soaring temperatures in lat...Read More

Brinda Miller Chudasama, Speed of Light III
Jayshree Kapoor: Prayer Flowers
Meena: Leaves
Meena: Untitled
Meenakshi: Untitled