Sanjeevini shares her excitement...Pulse is on the move

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Sanjeevini Dutta

It has been a dream to create a Pulse website that is more of a weekly look at South Asian dance and music. This is to cover the gaps between the quarterly magazine, which can feel a long time in our digital age. So with the arrival of our new Pulse assistant editor Lucinda Al-Zoghbi - this is an achievable aim. From now on look-out for the top stories of the forthcoming week plus news articles, reviews and photos that will keep the site refreshed and energised for the viewer.  We are also building our team of writers and reviewers and it is most encouraging to have received requests from visitors with offers for both - keep the emails coming… 

The dance scene is dominated by the opening of DESH, Akram Khan’s new solo, which I’m seeing tonight with the Pulse team. A five star review of the show by Daily Telegraph critic Mark Monahan and Sanjoy Roy’s whole-hearted endorsement coming after a string of rave reviews, have raised expectations sky high!
There is no doubt that some of the finest work comes from a personal story and even though its not the literal truth of Akram’s relationship to his father and his father’s land, the unconscious elements that creep into work, based on real life lend a
particular poignancy. No doubt the images that bombarded Akram on his trip plus the stories heard or overheard by the young Akram will have shaped DESH.
Akram has mentored and supported Aakash Odedra, a fiery, charismatic kathak dancer from Leicester who has been in receipt of a choreographic bursary from Akademi. Last week he gave a solo performance at Hat Factory which had audiences gasping at his virtuosity and passionate delivery. His Sufi kathak was reminiscent of the kathak diva Nahid Siddiqui. We look forward to watching Aakash blossom.



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The move sight is ruled by the opening of new solo, which I'm considering today sunset time with the Pulse group. A five star review of the show by Daily Telegraph.

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