Gauhar Jaan and the Viceroy

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Ashok Gupta

The much sought after thumri vocalist Gauhar Jaan had a difficult time but once she got recognition became a stylish and a very wealthy lady. Those were the days of British India where only the Viceroy was permitted to have a carriage drawn by six horses, and yet Gauhar Jaan would go about the city in her six horse drawn carriage. She was stopped many times and received fines of Rs.1000, which was a lot of money in those days.  Whilst she paid the fines, she continued to use her six horse carriage unrepentantly.

The Viceroy invited her to tea to resolve the problem and they spoke of everything except the problem with the carriage.  Finally, the Viceroy just had to breach the subject and make her aware of the rule, to which Gauhaar Jaan replied that she was in no mood as she was aware of the rule.  She urged him to do his job of imposing the fine, and she would do her own.


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