Shakti – the Odissi Ensemble

The Odissi Ensemble
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Simon Richardson
Sun, 2015-12-06 18:00

The Odissi Ensemble. Left to right: Elena Catalano, Maryam Freeflower, Katie Ryan, Kali Chandrasegaram.


6 December 2015

The Odissi Ensemble

Rich Mix, London

Reviewed by Donald Hutera

Gait to the Spirit Festival


Scheherazaad Cooper flies to her home city of Vancouver to report on Gait to Spirit Festival, a South Asian dance spectacular in Western Canada.  


As we open the second annual Gait to the Spirit festival, a collection of spectators gather anxiously at the theatre doors of The Dance Centre in downtown Vancouver, Canada.  Mandala Arts & Culture artistic director, Jai Govinda has a reputation for presenting world-class dance, and this weekend is no exception.

Odissi Collective Platform

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Sanjeevini Dutta

Odissi Collective UK Platform
The Bhavan, London
13 March 2011

Sun, 2011-03-13

 The Odissi Collective UK Dancer’s Platform on Sunday 13th March at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan was one of the first attempts in bringing together Odissi dancers from UK and overseas. It was truly a feast for dance lovers to watch such high standards of Odissi dance, from new and upcoming performers from United Kingdom, India and North America. Indeed a rare privilege and one of the joys of living in London. 

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