Yasmin Khan

Meet the Choreographer - Gauri Sharma Tripathi

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The Bollywood Trip is set to fire up pre-Christmas audiences at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre from 12-18 December. Co-produced by Danish theatre company, Republique, and London’s Southbank Centre, The Bollywood Trip had a three -week run in Copenhagen before the London transfer. The choreographer of this greatly anticipated work is Gauri Sharma Tripathi.
Dancer, Choreographer, Artist-in-Residence at the Southbank Centre, Gauri Sharma Tripathi comes with a big reputation- she has choreographed for Akram Khan and Akademi; performed at a number of international festivals and trained a generation of kathak dancers in London.  Yasmin Khan catches up with Gauri Sharma Tripathi between rehearsals.  

On my way to meet Gauri, choreographer of The Bollywood Trip musical, I was mulling over ‘probing’ questions to ask her.  I reminded myself not to be too critical or become too disappointed if the show turned out to be yet another repetition of a community centre outing with the usual characters on a bus visiting some Viking fishing village in Copenhagen harmonised by wet sari dancing in the Tivoli Gardens.  Instead, I was greeted by a graceful, stylishly-jewelled woman who was full of European funk and Indian sophistication.

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