Welcome to the New Pulse

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Sanjeevini Dutta

 Dear Visitor

Welcome to the new Pulseconnects website, linking South Asian dancers and musicians worldwide. Pulse believes that by highlighting the developments in our artforms from different parts of the world, we can keep Asian arts relevant to today’s generation. Pulse in the UK is part of the South Asian Dance Alliance with our partners Akademi and sampad.

Music is love, the greatest prayer

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Ashok Gupta

"Music is love, the greatest prayer.  Prayer means meditation and music is the meditation of love" - Siddheswari Devi (famous 1900’s thumri singer of Benares)

Bacha Pandit was a well-known interpreter of horoscopes. One day, while visiting Rajeshwari Devi, a singer of repute, he was asked to find out what the stars had to say about her daughter, Kamleshwari.

The Missing 'I'

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Pranav Yajnik

Big boys don't cry.  Kathak abhinaya has taken this to heart, presenting male protagonists full of derring-do and their own steadfastness.  Are kathak dancers, whether male or female, stuck with this? 

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